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Who are we?

Hello! We're a mother-daughter duo based in Sydney, Australia. 

We created Little Paper Blossom to share our love for art and nature, and we hope you love it too!



Thao Nhi La 

Thao is a professional public artist who graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours from UNSW.

She has a vast array of artworks displayed around Sydney from local parks, to schools, to electric boxes, to town halls, libraries, plaza, name it! 

She also had 9 solo art exhibitions and 60+ group exhibitions at museums and galleries in Sydney. So, you may have seen some of her mosaics or paintings around the city! 

Now, she mostly creates mixed-media art by firstly creating traditional artworks and combining them digitally to make a holistic artwork. Amazing, we know!



Tammy Dang

Tammy is currently studying a combined Law and Film degree at UNSW (weird combination, we know).

At a young age, Tammy always watched her mum work. This was what inspired her interest in art... especially painting!

Tammy has won multiple art awards when she was younger! Some were displayed in hospitals and events, others were made into calendars and some even got sent to overseas galleries (Japan)! 

However, aside from studying or painting, she is always eating. And of course she has a foodie Instagram. Hit her up: @tamthefoodie



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