1. How much is shipping? 

 For Australian Domestic Shipping, we offer 4 rates:

Type Price
Standard (Untracked Letter):  $2.99
Standard (Tracked Parcel): $7.99
Express (Tracked): $10.99
FREE Untracked Letter Shipping for orders $30+ 
FREE Tracked Shipping for orders $80+ 


For International Shipping, we offer:

NOTE: Due to VAT laws, we do not ship to the UK or the EU. We are looking into other options to sell to the UK and EU (i.e. maybe Etsy!)

Type Weight Price
Standard (Untracked letter for smaller items):  0 - 0.125 kg $5.99
0.125+ kg $8.99
Standard (Tracked Parcel for larger orders and items) 0 - 0.5 kg $15.99
0.5 - 1 kg $28.99
1+ kg $45.99
Express Shipping 0 - 0.25 kg $34
0.25 - 0.5 kg $37
0.5 - 1kg  $49
1+ kg $61


All prices are in AUD. 


2. When will I receive my shipping product?

We ship out our products 1-2 times a week. So, give us 3-4 days to dispatch your order and 3-7 days to dispatch your hoodie and tote bag orders (as they are made to order).

 For Australian customers:

  • Standard (Untracked): 2-7 Business Days after dispatch
  • Standard (Tracked): 2-7 Business Days after dispatch
  • Express: 2-4 Business Days after dispatch


For International customers:

  • Standard (Untracked): 10-40+ Business Days (depending on location)
  • Standard (Tracked): 7-12 Business Days
  • Express: 5-7 Business Days

Some orders may take longer due to events, and your region (eg. it will take longer if you live in a rural area, compared to a metropolitan area)

Note: Due to COVID, your products may take longer than usual to reach you! 


3. Are you eco-friendly? 

We try to be as eco-friendly as much as possible! It's very important that our business reflects our own personal values, and this includes being sustainable and eco-friendly wherever we can. 

We use sustainable products for our packaging and relying on local companies like:

  • Glassine bags for stickers and pins
    • They are biodegradable, and recyclable! (Unlike plastic bags)
  • Acid free, soy based ink tissue paper and soy based ink packaging stickers to package orders.
    • Soy based ink is a renewable source, have low levels of VOC (which reduces air pollution) and don't leave behind petroleum based products when decomposing
  • Water activated packaging tape
    • They are a recyclable alternative to plastic adhesive tape
  • Reused bubble wrap
    • We receive bubble wraps from our packages too! So, we reuse these bubble wraps in your orders to help minimise waste
  • Bubble mailers made from macerated items (and are recyclable!)
    • Macerating is the process of breaking down large waste into smaller pieces.
    • Our bubble mailers are also 100% recyclable!
  • Cello bags for prints
    • Cello bags are a biodegradable alternative to plastic bags! It's made of cellulose.
  • Compostable shipping bags used for our larger items like hoodies! They will break down in your home compost bin within 180 days. 

Remember to recycle your packaging!


4. What is the return policy?

Our return policy is compliant with Schedule 2 of the Australian Consumer Law Act.

There will be no refunds for a change of mind. We also do not take responsibility for lost packages. 

However, if your item is damaged or we sent you the wrong product, please contact us at:



5. Do you wanna stock our products?

We wholesale our products to potential stockists throughout Australia. If you are interested to stocking our products in your store, please send us an email with the following information and we will get back to you:

  • Store name and ABN number
  • Store location 
  • Products you're interested in stocking 


6. Copyright

All of our designs and products are copyrighted under Little Paper Blossom. 

By placing an order, you are agreeing to all of our terms and conditions stated above.